Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Wedding

10/29/07: So today was the day I started my flight to Mexico for my sister's wedding. My itinerary reminded me of Borat's route to the U.S., flying from Jo'Berg -> Tel Aviv -> Atlanta -> Mexico City -> Manzanillo. Awesome. Arriving at the airport I was more nervous about my passport, which I discovered has my last name misspelled after I bought my ticket. It turns out that was the least of my troubles. I was flying El Al to Tel Aviv, primarily because this ticket was $2,000 cheaper than any other set I could find. Well, lets just say that Israeli airlines have a lot more concerns than most airlines, and a multi-destination ticket is not something they are very fond of.

Now I understand

The airline officials detained me, proceeded to question me for two hours, and emptied every last piece of luggage, including things like my toiletry bag and my first aid kit, and I had to repack everything with about 15 minutes to get to the gate. Once you empty a first aid kit, it's virtually impossible to get everything repacked correctly. Like those Rambo knives with the survival kit inside the handle. Once you took it out to play with the cool miniature stuff, you were lucky to get half of it back in. The flight ended up being delayed 3 hours, so I had time for duty free. However I was required to check my duty free, and my "carry on." You'll notice a lull in the pictures over the next post or two. That's because my small Pentax got crushed by the airline. They also broke my duty free bottles of Amarula for the wedding. On top of that, the first time I used my waterproof housing after the flight it leaked, so that camera broke as well. Thanks El Al! I was also re-routed through NYC because the flight was late out of Jo'Berg. I felt it was appropriate that I found out the Red Sox swept the World Series in JFK.

Red Sox world champions 2007: I won't spend to much time on this as it's old news, so only two things:

1) Any closer that has 3 saves in a four game sweep is the MVP. Period.

2) The best description of the unrecognized MVP comes from Simmons:

("Yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!"), whipped his glove in the air and flipped out like he always does. If there's an enduring image of this 2007 Red Sox team, it's the sight of a wild-eyed Papelbon waving Varitek towards him for a postgame embrace -- he always looks like some drunken Boston kid who just sucker-punched somebody in a bar and wants the fallen guy's buddies to run over for a full-scale brawl. COME ON!!! LET'S DO THIS!!! Once Varitek jumped into his arms, the entire Boston team mobbed them within seconds, and everyone eventually settled on jumping up and down in a delirious circle.

10/30/07: Still flying. I arrive at El Tamarindo at 10 p.m. and catch up to Mom and Dad. HH and KF were already asleep.

10/31/07: Halloween. Kelly (The Groom) and I went snorkeling this day and, alas, it was the last ride of my Canon and dive housing. The snorkeling was great, we saw an eagle ray, sea snakes and tons of fish. 9 children had arrived and went trick or treat from cassita to cassita just after sunset, which was a great time for them. I was wiped out so I hit the sack early, needing to get back in the pacific time zone so I could function for the rest of the wedding.

11/1/07: The rest of the guests arrived and that evening there was a pig roast by the ocean, complete with my favorite dessert of all time, Churros. I limited myself to one bag. Later that evening the crowd seperated itself into 2 distinct groups that would last for the rest of the wedding, with very few defections: (1) Those that would stay up and get boozy and (2) those that would not. Shockingly, I decided to join the former group. After that there was some night swimming to check out the bioluminescent ( water.

Today some of us moved to Las Tarrasas, a 9 bedroom mansion higher up in the resort. It had 2 outdoor hot tubs, a pool, and constant views of the ocean as well as a full staff. Thanks Kelly. Thanks H to the 2! (This is last time I can refer to my sister as H to the 2. She got married the following day!). That night there was a cocktail party back at the beach, which moved back to Las Tarrasas later on. Follow the bouncing cocktail! Weee! After dinner there was an open microphone where friends and family for both the Bride and the Groom were invited to speak about Heather or Kelly. I hadn't anticipated this but I managed to put together a few words about how Heather gave me a good kick in the ass to give California a try, and that I appreciated it and that when Kelly needs a kick in the ass, he'll have Heather too.

11/3/07: My sister got married today. "Yes sir, it's quite a day." Wait, if thats my line, that makes me Brad Pitt's character, and instead of my brother it's my sister, so I guess that means Heather = Craig Sheffer. Is that weird? I had a speaking part in the wedding, as Kelly's sister Nikki and I were given the translation of the Mexican Justice of the Peace's words. It was a little bit of a tongue twister, but I was happy with our effort and proud to be a part of it. Heather and Kelly also had fantastic vows that they had written for one another. The wedding really went splendidly. Congratulations Heather and Kelly!

(I must also mention that a couple of us went jet skiing prior to the wedding and it was f@ck!$g awesome.)

11/4/07: Most of the folks were heading home today, packing and working off a hangover. I had one more day at the incredible El Tamarindo ( and spent it watching the Patriots maintain there undefeated status against the Colts despite the league obviously telling the officials what their preference was for which team should win this game. There was a lovely dinner that night for all the remaining guests, and an early bedtime for all.

11/5/07: Via Con Carne! Today I decided what I was going to do after the wedding. Which was good, because the wedding was over, and I had no where to stay. My first stop was Colima, and after working with the resident travel agent on a loose itinerary I hopped a bus to Colima. I stayed at a nice enough resort hotel for my two nights there, but it was a little more spendy than what I was looking for. All in all Colima was a nice, clean, safe and kind of bland, which was great because I needed to recover from the wedding.

Screwing around in Colima, a nice meal, a nice workout, and some pool time.

11/7/07: Today was the day I needed to replace my camera. To do so I needed to venture to the international mecca for travelers. I needed to go to a place as diverse and dynamic as any place in all the world:

Yes that's right. I needed WalMart. I am happy to say that I negotiated the purchase entirely in Spanish. I was also looking for a deal, and could not find a camera that took either of my existing memory cards, so now I have three. I have like 5 gig on me now. Sweet. That night I had an overnight bus to Uruapan.

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