Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playa days, Playa nights

11/19/07: Rain! I found Dita and moved in. Little did she know how long I would be residing there. ;) That night we had dinner in town, at a little french place, it was lovely.

11/20/07: I slept in on this day, and then went Cozumel, which is a huge port for cruise ships. Other than it's excellent diving it was not that spectacular. I was on the prowl for any ships that might be able to take me to Cuba, as I was hoping to go by sea rather than by air...


Chichen Itza

11/21/07: Today I had decided to go to Chichen Itza ( I had calculated that the bus ride should take 2 to 2.5 hours, as it's half way between Merida and Cancun. It seems I miscalculated. Since it was a local bus line and not a national bus line there were tens of local stops. It turned into a 6 hour bus ride. AARRGHHH! By the time I realized this there was nothing I could do except see it through. I arrived in Chichen Itza at 6:30 and immediately went to a restaraunt to ask some locals where the ruins are. Just as I was contemplating staying the night, going to the ruins early early and trying to make it back in time for Thanksgiving dinner, I met a local who told me about the evenings light show, stating at 7 P.M. just by chance. Saved again! I have been told I have a horshoe stuck somewhere on my person, but the rule when traveling is just go there and figure it out. The show was outstanding. Rather than staying the night and risk missing a T-day feed, I decided to leave that same night, leaving some mystery surrounding the ruins, having seen them only under the light of the Moon.

Thanksgiving: I got back to Playa at around 3:30 A.M., slept in, had breakfast, and hit the beach. The expat crown was interesting. I was easily the youngest by 10 years, 20 on average. It was a pot luck dinner and Dita scored with Asparagus and Deviled eggs. I thought I would be up for a big night, but it was not to be. Heavy rain so I stayed in with Dita, Auntie Jane and Jaz, smoking and getting trashed. Awesome.

11/23/07: First night out after a lazy day on the beach. Never really got a good vib from the Playa night life. Some dude was talking to me for a while, I'm pretty sure he was 1) High 2) Gay 3) Crazy. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Wait....

11/24/07: Misfire on Tulum. Drove down and back.

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