Friday, May 2, 2008

Federales, Tulum, and the Cenotes

" Coconuts overhead, no hammocks please"

11/25/07: Ahhh my first experience with the Policia. Apparently I took an Illegal U-Turn, and your man was waiting for me, get this, by the ATM. Haha. So he took me to his 'office', and was asking for $500 U.S. dollars. Thirty U.S. later I was moving on. I shouldn't have given him that much. When I told him I would rather have him write me a ticket and go to court, he backed way off. Interesting. Well that was only my 8th time bribing police, so not so bad. ;). I proceeded to the ruins, some the only ruins directly by the Ocean. The setting was fantastic, while the ruins themselves were not spectacular. That night I stayed in Tulum on the beach, which was so awesome, but definatly the romantic place to be for couples.

Beachside ruins

11/26/07: Punta Allen is about 40 KM soutn of Tulum, but the road is crazy, and it took me almost 1:45 each way. The best part was the nature reserve, with several incredible, deserted beaches. When you imagine a tropical beach in your mind, this is what you see.

If you are a Bone fish fly fisherman, this is a spot to check out. After some local grilled fish and a cervesa, it was time to head back to Playa.

11/27/07: Today was a relaxing day. Went to the beach, got some food, went out to dinner with a friend of Dita's family, Pancho and his wife. They were such nice people. Talk about a crazy story, because thier family was wealthy, both his father and his uncle were kidnapped in Mexico City. They paid the ransom, but only managed to get his father back alive. After that, the family moved from MC to Playa, for fear that, although the family fortune was no more, the fame of the fortune lived on, and if another family member was kidnapped, there was no money to pay a ransom.

11/28/07: Booked my dives for the Cenotes and the reef.

11/29/07: Beach day.

11/30/07: Big night out. WooHoo!

Tonight we went to dinner with a gay couple from Iceland. Apparently retired expat ladies often meet and befriend gay men. Who knew!?!? They were nice guys, it was a blast. After dinner we went back to the house and had a big night of boozing and talking.

Jazz standing gaurd over my prostrate form

12/2/07: Football day with Auntie Jane

12/3/07: Beach day

12/4/07: Today I went on a two tank Cenote ( dive to in two seperate caves. This was one of the best dives that I've been on, with incredible visibility, stalactites and stalagmites, mineral viens, and a ghostly sheen where the freshwater sits on top of the salt water. There are about 4,000 of these in the Yucatan, and almost no ground water at all.

Cenote descent

12/5/07: Today I did two tanks on Barracuda reef, right off shore from Playa. Not a bad dive, the water was warm, good sea life, and no one got left behind.

12/6/07: Bullshitted with Dita all day - started booking my trip to Cuba.

12/7/07: Final arrangements for Cuba!!!

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